Bournemouth, located on the southern coast of England,

offers a beautiful setting for couples looking to have their wedding day in a picturesque location. From stunning beaches and gardens to elegant venues and a vibrant atmosphere, Bournemouth has a lot to offer wedding couples.
Here are some highlights of what Bournemouth has to offer wedding couples for their special day:
Beaches: Bournemouth boasts seven miles of golden sandy beaches, making it an ideal location for beach weddings. The picturesque coastline provides a romantic backdrop for wedding ceremonies and stunning photo opportunities. Bournemouth’s beautiful beaches offer a stunning backdrop for wedding photography. Here are some of the most picturesque beaches in Bournemouth that are popular for capturing memorable wedding photos:

Bournemouth Beaches:

The main beach in Bournemouth is a wide stretch of golden sand that offers panoramic views of the coastline. The iconic Bournemouth Pier adds a unique element to the photos, and the beach huts and colorful beach accessories can add a touch of charm to the images.
Durley Chine Beach: Located to the west of Bournemouth Pier, Durley Chine Beach is known for its tranquil atmosphere and picturesque surroundings. The lush greenery of the chine (a steep-sided ravine) provides an attractive backdrop for wedding photos, and the gently sloping sandy beach offers opportunities for romantic shots.

Alum Chine Beach: Situated to the west of Durley Chine, Alum Chine Beach is another popular spot for wedding photography. The tropical gardens and landscaped cliffs offer a beautiful setting, and the promenade with its colorful beach huts adds a touch of vibrancy to the photos.
Southbourne Beach: Located east of Bournemouth Pier, Southbourne Beach is a quieter and more secluded option. The sandy beach and scenic cliffs create a serene atmosphere, perfect for capturing intimate moments between the couple.

Hengistbury Head:

Although technically not a Bournemouth beach, Hengistbury Head is a short distance away and worth considering for wedding photos. This headland offers stunning panoramic views of the coast, the sea, and the nearby nature reserve. The rugged landscape and grassy dunes provide a unique backdrop for wedding photography.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to check with the local authorities regarding any permits or restrictions for professional photography on the beaches. Additionally, considering the tides and the time of day can help capture the best lighting conditions for your wedding photos on the beaches of Bournemouth.


Bournemouth is renowned for its beautiful gardens, such as the Lower Gardens and the Central Gardens. These well-maintained green spaces offer a serene and picturesque setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies and photography sessions.


Bournemouth Wedding Photographer



Bournemouth offers a wide range of wedding venues to suit different preferences and styles. From elegant hotels and country manors to intimate seaside venues, there are options available for every couple’s taste and budget.

Natural Beauty:

Bournemouth is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, including the New Forest National Park and the Jurassic Coast. Couples can take advantage of these stunning landscapes for unique and memorable wedding photos.

Vibrant Atmosphere:

Bournemouth has a vibrant and lively atmosphere with a bustling town center and a variety of entertainment options. This provides wedding guests with plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy before and after the wedding celebration.
Overall, Bournemouth provides a perfect blend of natural beauty, charming venues, and a lively atmosphere for wedding couples. By hiring a Bournemouth wedding photographer, couples can capture the essence of their special day and create lasting memories in this enchanting coastal town. If you are looking for a Dorset wedding photographer with experience in the local area then look no further.

The Miramar Hotel is a lovely hotel with easy access to the beaches for some stunning photos.