The wedding world has had to adjust right now while we navigate our way through the coronavirus climate and socially distancing rules, with guest lists still being legally required to be kept low, and modern wedding photography capturing the celebrations of no more than 30 guests as it currently stands.

Grand and lavish receptions are being reduced to small and intimate affairs, but that doesn’t mean any compromise to how special your celebration is going to be.

Vogue recently reported on how one wonderful woman threw a loved-up couple a back yard wedding in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, after their large wedding had to be cancelled.

“It was the first wedding that we had ever given over the course of our own three-decade marriage—and, more notably, the first that was held during the coronavirus pandemic,” she said.

Social distancing measures were followed, and everyone drank, ate and danced. “If it were not for the hand sanitiser on tables and masks on faces it might have been a normal, though small, wedding.”

And as the bride and groom drove off from her driveway at around 1am, she took a moment to reflect on how it was the end of a perfect night. “One glass in hand, my husband and I toasted the triumph of having just hosted an elegant small wedding at our home,” she said.

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