It’s going to be interesting watching how the world adapts and evolves to life post-pandemic and, certainly for weddings, there will be some significant changes that happy couples everywhere will have to bear in mind when it comes to planning their special days.

Weddings with 30 guests in attendance have just been cleared by the government, great news for all, but you will need to make sure that official guidance is followed to help reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Social distancing measures will still have to be adhered to, so make sure you’re familiar with the rules and perhaps ask your celebrant or master of ceremonies to make announcements about what is and isn’t permitted on the day so everyone knows what their responsibilities are.

Something else to consider is using Zoom to broadcast your wedding so that everyone who can’t come because of social distancing rules can still watch you say your vows.

Have some contingency plans in place, as well, because it’s possible that we’ll start to see local outbreaks of the virus in the near future and this could mean that places go back into lockdown, which could have an impact on your wedding.

Talk to suppliers and your venue to find out what their backup plans may be – and also talk to your wedding insurance provider so you can find out your policy covers.

Also discuss seating arrangements with your venue and how they plan to navigate the drinks reception. If you can be outside, it perhaps makes sense to set this up so everyone can enjoy themselves without having to worry too much.

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