A couple who are trained scuba divers made sure their wedding was an occasion to remember, by getting married underwater. The BBC reports that Lisa and Christopher Jackson held their aquatic ceremony in the tropical oceanarium at the Bear Grylls Adventure centre in Birmingham.

The Derbyshire couple’s fishy affair was witnessed by eight guests, and assorted stingrays, puffer fish, and blacktip reef sharks. Mrs Jackson’s 14-year-old daughter Elise joined them to be bridesmaid. The bride had to sew weights into the bottom of her dress to stop it floating about her ears as she got married.

Mrs Jackson told the BBC: “That is why the wedding was so special to us, because we started the journey together. We were going to get married in Cyprus then, with Covid, we couldn’t travel. So, for us, this was a good way. We could keep the numbers down and do something that we love.”

Can you get married anywhere in the UK?

It is not yet legal to get married anywhere except a place of worship or a licenced secular venue in the UK, with some rare exceptions. The Jacksons’ underwater wedding was not an official ceremony, and they had to attend a registry office later with two witnesses to make it legally binding. 

However, The Law Commission of England and Wales is currently proposing changes to the rules, so that couples will have far greater freedom of choice in their wedding venue. This would allow weddings to take place outdoors, in private gardens, and on boats, beaches, and in parks.

The change in the rules would also introduce more flexibility in who can conduct wedding ceremonies. For example, celebrants from non-religious belief organisations would be permitted, which would reflect the views of many modern couples who do not follow traditional faiths.

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