Most people prefer to get married in the summer, but not everybody does and after the backlog caused by Covid restrictions, more couples than ever will be tying the knot this autumn and over the coming winter.

All this may impact on various aspects of the planning, not least because the reception will need to be somewhere that’s either indoors or in a very well heated big tent.

The photographs will also need to be planned differently. There won’t be backdrops of lush greenery under a bright summer sun, but many will currently be enjoying the wonderful golds and browns of autumn.

If your wedding is in winter there are many ways you can get great pictures, and it’s a great idea to discuss these with your Dorset Wedding photographer.

Of course, if you can get a winter wonderland snowy backdrop, this will be a fantastic shot. But be aware that this will be a matter of pot luck unless you have pre-arranged to take advantage of any snowy spell that does arise. The capricious nature of a changing climate means the white stuff can’t be guaranteed.

However, if you do get snow, there are lots of things you can do, from adding some winter sports props to posing in warmer clothes with hot drinks or even building a snowman.

Whatever the weather, it is inevitable more photos will be taken indoors as the winter nights are colder and darker.

Some expert photographers actually prefer working in conditions where there is less natural light, as they can control the levels of illumination. This can include choosing backdrops with varying levels or modes or artificial light, the latter being in plentiful supply indoors.

This can include taking pictures at particular angles to capture contrasts of light and dark, of illumination and shadows, helping create magical focal points.

Indeed, you may ultimately find that having a winter wedding combined with a skilled photographer will leave you with the most wonderful set of pictures you could ever imagine.