Modern wedding photography, like so many of the weddings that become the subject, is a mix of traditions that span several centuries and more techniques borrowed from other photography disciplines such as photojournalism.

Ever since Queen Victoria and Prince Albert posed for their belated wedding photos, couples have been looking for ways to commemorate their most special day that combine expected traditions with their own individual tastes and ideas.

With that in mind, here are some top tips to help make your wedding photos stand out and become a celebration of not just the day but of the couple and their dynamic.

Take Full Advantage Of Negative Space

One of the most defining aspects of wedding photography is how busy and close many of the shots are, which emphasises a closeness in the pictures and allows people to focus on the finer details of the day.

However, if you do the opposite and opt for a wide shot with the same subjects, it creates a different impression and a greater focus on the picture’s subjects at the centre, so long as the rest of the composition is kept simple enough to not clutter the shot.

Find A Breathtaking Backdrop

Many couples have started to choose wedding venues specifically based on the environment around them, and finding a setting as breathtaking as the couple that represents the awe they feel for each other is essential.

Capture A Moment In Time

Rather than relying heavily on staged photography, try adding action shots and capturing emotions in the moment.

This relies more on being ready to take a photo at any time, but when it works it puts the viewer into that moment, with the motion and emotion of everything.