When it comes to wedding photography, there are few better places to be a wedding photographer than Dorset. With the utterly gorgeous coast and all manner of landmarks, for whatever kind of wedding you have, there is a perfect place to capture the occasion.

However, there are some exceptionally unique places people have tied the knot, and here are three of the best.



The wedding ceremony is where you take centre stage and become the lead star, at least for that one special day. It makes sense, therefore that the Darlington Hippodrome offers that special kind of theatrical pageantry to make your big day very special.

There are all kinds of amazing themes for photographs, from taking a bow to full-on Shakespearean-inspired ceremonies.



Weddings are about love, first and foremost, but that can manifest in some really beautiful ways. One groom, after finding out his grandma was terminally ill, rearranged his wedding to make sure she could be there, and even made her the ring bearer in a beautiful ceremony, according to The Mirror.

Ultimately, what matters is not so much where you are but who is there with you for your exceptionally special day.



It is rare for some of the witnesses to your wedding to be fish, but at an aquarium such as The Deep, dolphins and schools of other undersea creatures can see you say “I do”.

There are several animal conservation sites that offer wedding receptions, from Zoos to bird sanctuaries, and they always provide a unique backdrop to your photographs.