Many couples want their wedding to be perfect, and will often plan even the smallest details to the letter, but one aspect that is more unpredictable is what your wedding guests will turn up in, and how much you can expect to enforce a dress code.

Whilst the bride, groom, bridesmaids and anyone else who is a more major part of the ceremony will have their outfit chosen for them for the most part, guests themselves, who will also be part of your modern wedding photography.

A debate has been ignited about whether you can enforce particular outfit choices for them, inspired by the story of a bride that banned a particular outfit choice and led to the wedding guest turning down the invite to come to the ceremony.

Whilst many wedding invites will stipulate a particular dress code, which can range in length from a single word to multiple paragraphs of recommendation, the golden rule is that whilst you can advise guests on what they will wear, you cannot demand they dress in a particular outfit.

Whilst wearing a similar colour or style of dress as the wedding party is something of a faux pas, if there is a particular style you want guests to avoid, try to make it clear in the invites, as you would for more practical dress code concerns.

Ultimately, at your wedding, you have enough on your plate, and the last thing you should be doing is worrying about what your guests will wear and being overbearing in the process of doing so.