With the country opening up and the numbers of people allowed at weddings growing, couples planning to wed this summer will be getting increasingly excited at what lies ahead.

However, while Dorset offers some wonderful scenic backdrops, they could be somewhat busy this summer, as will be the case in many attractive spots all around the UK.

Indeed, the tourism sector is expecting a bumper year, with Whitbread, the owner of Premier Inn, predicting a huge surge in staycations in its latest report.

All this poses a question or couples; having hired a wedding photographer in Dorset, where can they go in the county that offers a scenic backdrop for great pictures without crowds of people everywhere?

The good news is there are indeed some wonderful places to go across the county, either in hidden spots on the coast or in glorious green spaces inland.

Campsites.co.uk has its own list of Dorset’s best kept secrets, which will hopefully not means these places are full of tents come the summer.

Chapman’s Pool offers a wonderfully out-of-the way coastal option. Located on the Isle of Purbeck, it is only accessible by boat or coastal path, so it provides a perfect backdrop in isolated splendour. Alternatively, the island features the abandoned village of Tyneham, so you could pose for pictures amid the ruins.

Tyneham was abandoned in 1943 as the military took over the area, so if that just isn’t old enough for your tastes, you could try Coney’s Castle or Lambert’s Castle, two iron age hill forts near the village of Marshwood.

For an even older feature, there are the Corscombe Standing Stones near the village of the same name. They may not have the scale or fame of Stonehenge or Avebury, but they still carry that air of mystery and magic about them.

These are just some of the wonders of Dorset that can provide a fantastic backdrop for your wedding pictures. Some places may be crowded this summer, but there will still be no shortage of quiet options.