Weddings have suffered over the last couple of years as the pandemic forced people to postpone, cancel, or drastically change their plans for the big day. But while COVID-19 is still very much with us, we are all optimistic that weddings will return to normal this year. But what will post-pandemic weddings look like?

If you’re planning your wedding this year or next, perhaps you’re still feeling cautious about the pandemic and planning a smaller, more intimate wedding with your nearest and dearest friends and family on a budget rather than a lavish do, surrounded by absolutely everyone you know.

Conversely, after two years of restrictions, maybe you want to go all-out, have the biggest party to end all parties, blow the budget, and make it a day that everyone will always remember. Whatever you have in mind for your weddings here are some of the trends you can expect to see for weddings in 2022.

Outdoor Venues are Taking Over 

Outdoor weddings have become firm favourites in recent years. Weddings in natural settings are not only safer during the pandemic but also make a perfect backdrop for wedding photos. From farms to gardens, parks to luxurious estates, there are a host of beautiful outdoor spots that are ideal for romantic events.

Weddings Go Green 

According to a study in the US, around 70 per cent of betrothed couples are embracing sustainability, adding features such as using biodegradable confetti alternatives, buying conflict-free and lab-grown diamonds for wedding jewellery, using locally sourced flowers, and choosing venues with proven environmental responsibility.

Meaningful Weddings 

Weddings have been seen by Millennials and Gen-Z couples as a day to express themselves and add meaning to the day.

From themed receptions to photo booths with disguises and fun signs, right through to quirky reception treats like doughnut walls, there are many ways in which couples are adding fun elements that say something about their hobbies, tastes, and sense of style.

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