Wedding photography has come a very long way from the days of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

From heavily staged pictures taken a decade after the fact to the delightfully individual world of modern wedding photography, the pictures taken on that most special of days have changed as a result of technological, cultural and artistic advances.

This makes the future so exciting, and here are some potential future trends in the world of wedding photography.

The Impossibility Of Drones

Drone photography has transformed cinematography and the depiction of many live events, and the flying quadcopters have already started to make an impression in the wedding photography world.

Sweeping panoramic shots, impossible aerial views and taking advantage of the unique scenery of a wedding location are just a small taster of the potential of drone photography.

The Integration Of Action Cameras

This is less for still photography and more for videos and live streams, but we are seeing some increasingly inventive uses of lightweight action cameras such as GoPros as part of wedding proceedings.

From selfie sticks for every table at a wedding reception to hiding a camera in the bridal bouquet and getting an amazing shot of the moment it flies through the air, smaller, more robust cameras have created entirely new genres of film and photography.

A Change In Perspective

The majority of photographs that are taken at weddings tend to be landscape pictures, and it is not surprising as to why. Most people tend to view pictures, particularly digital ones, on a landscape screen, and it is easier to fit more than a couple of people into a landscape shot.

However, as more people view photo albums on their phones and take a lot of more candid shots with their smart devices, you may see more vertical pictures out there than simply a portrait view of the happy couple.