Now before you fall in love with a wedding venue, it is probably worth considering a few things first.

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Number of Guests

You do not have to be exact. Working out a rough number will really help you to find your perfect wedding venue. If you choose a wedding venue that is too small, your guests will feel squashed in. If you choose a wedding venue that is too big, it is really hard to get an atmosphere going.


Setting a budget for your wedding venue is a must, (for most people). This is where having a rough idea of numbers is vital, as most wedding venues charge per head.  There is no point in spending all your money on the wedding venue and then having to scrimp and save on everything else.


Remember your wedding guests, would love to attend your wedding, but not at any cost. Think about the accessibility of your wedding venue. It’s also a good idea to ensure there is plenty of accommodation nearby.


Having a specific date in mind can really hinder your search. The best wedding venues get booked up early. If you can be flexible with your chosen date, it should make your search easier. Also getting married out of peak season can save you a lot of money.


Are you wanting a rustic style? Traditional? Maybe something totally different?  Whatever the style you want you need to make sure your chosen wedding venue fits in with it.