When your wedding guests make their way home, and you can kick off your shoes after an evening of dancing and partying, it’s comforting to know that the day’s events will have been captured and preserved by your wedding photographer.

However, wedding photography has evolved so much over the years, and come a long way from the stiff and formal images of decades past. Couples are now more interested in authentic and thoughtfully considered photos, and brides are more interested in contemporary bridal fashion, taking inspiration from fashion runways and red carpets.

We have a look at how wedding photography has changed to meet the needs of modern brides and grooms.

Editorial style portraits

With brides taking more inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, there is a greater emphasis on fashion, and portraits are starting to look more and more like a fashion editorial shoot from a glossy magazine.

There will be a focus on elements such as sunglasses, bags, and vintage cars, and even studio backdrops have been making an appearance on location. It’s an opportunity for the couple to let their individuality shine through!

Candid reception imagery

While restrictions have been eased, people are still cautious about casual gatherings, so weddings in 2022 may serve double duty as both a ceremony and a friends and family reunion. This will place a higher significance on family and reception photography, as well as bridal party photoshoots, but with a candid eye. 

There is a growing trend for brides to change outfits for the reception and evening party, grabbing the opportunity to slip into a party dress and change the tone of the evening celebration, and candid party photos of people dancing and revelling will add some great and fun images to the wedding album.

The Hollywood flash

Photography during the day is reserved for soft and subdued lighting, but at night, it is time for a more outgoing and youthful approach to wedding photography. 

For the evening party of a wedding, Hollywood-style flash photography is becoming a big trend, whether this is with a big studio backdrop, or capturing party moments on the dancefloor, the use of flash looks to become more prominent, and emphasises the glamour and magic of the celebrations.

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