If your wedding is on the horizon, you have probably spent at least a few months and thousands of pounds on planning your perfect day. You want those special moments captured by a photographer who misses nothing, and gives that extra something.  Here are a few tips to help you get the best results.

  1. Probably the most important tip of all is hiring a wedding photographer who you feel happy and comfortable with. You are going to share the most special day of your life with them, so you want someone who is professional while still being able to coax a smile out of your grumpiest guest!


  1. Don’t hold back! It’s your day, and if you have an idea for a location or style that seems a little off the wall, go for it. You will probably relax more and let your personalities shine through. These will be the photographs you return to in years to come, when you want to wallow in memories!


  1. Don’t worry if it’s bucketing down with rain, sleet or snow on the big day. If you have chosen a photographer whose work you admire, let them handle the weather.  A good wedding photographer will produce stunning shots in all conditions, indoors or outdoors.


  1. Do a little planning, and bear in mind that even the most well prepared of days tend to run a little off-schedule. If you allow an extra 15 minutes wriggle room at the end of each section of the wedding, then you should end up with enough time for unhurried photographs with the most relaxed and natural feel.


  1. In the end, it is your wedding day that is important, not your hair or dress, so relax and enjoy it. The overall mood and composition of a photograph matter a hundred times more than a few specks of mud on your hem, or slightly windblown hair.


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