If your wedding is coming up this year, you are probably riding a rollercoaster of hope and anxiety, as no one is quite sure how things will pan out. Whether you’ve already been forced to postpone once or more, or are hoping to make it in your first attempt, the prospect might be a little overwhelming. Here’s a few tips to consider.

  1. Be realistic about dates

If your wedding is not already booked, it may be wiser to wait until 2022. Many venues will already be at full capacity, due to the number of postponed events from 2020. If you are really keen to tie the knot this year, consider a mid-week date, or look towards autumn/winter. December weddings can be lovely festive occasions!

  1. Be flexible with numbers

Draw up a list of guests who you absolutely couldn’t bear not to be there for your big day. If the rules change suddenly on the number of attendees, you will have a better idea about whether to postpone or go ahead. Alternatively, you may be able to separate your day into times when you see each bubble of family and friends.

  1. Go outdoors

Outdoor spaces are more able to accommodate social distancing, and the risk of airborne contagion is reduced. Hiring a large marquee may also be a great idea if you can’t find an available venue, and you don’t mind having a low-key celebration. It can be a good chance to consider what really matters to you, and your day will be all the more unique for it.

  1. Keep in touch with suppliers

Secure early bookings with essential folk such as caterers and wedding photographers, who you will be relying on to make the day come together. They will be extremely busy this year catching up on last year’s postponed events, so don’t end up having to settle for second best!

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