It can be devastating for couples to have to cancel or postpone their dream 2020 wedding, or to find that they can now only invite 15 guests. It might feel like the end of the world, after all the hard work and planning.

Now as people rush to reschedule their weddings for 2021 as new guidance is revealed, there are only a finite number of Saturdays or Sundays next year available to book, and it might seem that couples have to make a sacrifice and opt for a weekday wedding. However, there are some incredible benefits to a weekday wedding.


  1. Weekday weddings are usually cheaper

Saturday is the most popular day of the week for weddings, but that also means it is the most expensive. The demand for Saturday weddings increases the cost of every aspect of the wedding industry.

But weekdays are ideal for anyone with a smaller budget, and many wedding vendors and venues may offer incentives to fill less popular dates, which is great news!


  1. You’re more likely to secure your dream venue and vendors

The chances of your dream venue not being booked up years in advance are slim, even in the most ideal of circumstances. But the chances are much higher than you can secure a booking for a weekday wedding. This also likely applies to florists, caterers, and hotel bookings for guests.


  1. You can choose a fun theme – or a popular date!

Ok, hear me out… Taco Tuesday Wedding! No? Ok, that’s possibly not everyone’s idea of a dream wedding. How about a Thirsty Thursday Wedding?

Joking aside, you could choose any theme you desired for a weekday wedding, maybe something just for fun, or perhaps a day or theme with some significance to you both. Perhaps you can book Friday 12 February (or 12221) or Thursday 4 March (4321) for a memorable date in more ways than one!

Whatever day and date you decide upon, if you’re looking for wedding photography packages in Dorset, contact us today!