2020 was certainly a difficult one for happy couples everywhere trying to tie the knot but 2021 is here at long last so hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel and normal business can soon resume for wedding ceremonies.

If you are hoping to get hitched this year, it could prove inspiring to check out some of the latest trends to have emerged for weddings in the last few weeks and months.

Glamour magazine has been in touch with industry experts and got their hot tips for the year ahead, such as dress designer Jess Kaye, who says she is seeing brides being more creative when it comes to wedding attire, with big leaps in sales of suits and jumpsuits. Now that’s confidence!

In terms of style, florist Rob Van Helden believes that this year will see rustic aesthetics fall out of favour, replaced with a surge in interest in more contemporary settings. Colour is also going to be big news this year, with more joyful palettes being seen.

As for the venue, larger rooms will be prioritised so that guests have more space in which to mingle, with longer tables proving popular so that people aren’t face to face.

Other trends expected to make waves this year include weekday weddings, as availability is slim for 2021. Getting married during the week could mean you’re able to secure your favourite venue and suppliers – and don’t forget that it can be cheaper to get married in the week, as well.

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